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7 Ways to Style Your Bay and Bow Windows

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A bay or bow window brings a beautifully distinct architectural element to the outside of your Galveston house, but have you thought about the benefits it brings to the inside of your home? You can create a relaxing get-away nook or a central showpiece in your living room or kitchen. If you’re torn on how to make the most of your bay or bow window, keep reading for ideas from our experts! 

What are Bay and Bow Windows?

Replacement Bow Window

These windows stand out for a reason—they add a touch of drama to your home’s overall appearance. But, each type—bay and bow—has its own unique shape:

Now that you’re familiar with these window styles, let’s delve into some ideas for styling them.

1. Dress Them Up with Window Treatments

With the amount of glass space that bay and bow windows offer, plenty of sunlight will enter your home throughout the day. While natural light is more than welcome most of the time, having curtains or blinds you can draw down at night or for privacy is a good idea. Beyond practicality, these curtains present an opportunity to show off your aesthetic tastes. Whether you choose heavy, dramatic floor-length curtains or more airy sheers with blinds, your choice of window treatment reveals your personal style and complements the rest of the space. 

2. Nurture Your Love of Books with a Tiny Library

bay window with daybed

Whether your reading nook has books in under-the-seat storage, on a nearby bookcase or you keep a stack of favorites on the sill, consider adding a plush daybed or bench beneath your bay or bow window for the ultimate relaxation spot. Stack it up with pillows and a soft blanket to create a cozy retreat that invites you to unwind and get lost in your favorite reads. And if you’ve got the space, adding a small side table provides a handy spot to keep your book or beverage within easy reach, completing your perfect reading oasis.

3. Treasure Your Plants with an Indoor Garden

For the green thumbs among us, it’s second nature to want a specific indoor space for plants that need extra TLC or to re-home outdoor plants like ferns during the brief Texas winter. Bay and bow windows come with a small sill (though bay windowsills are a little deeper) perfect for placing sun-loving plants to soak up those rays. Creating your botanical haven can be as simple or ornate as you choose: you can place a few small planters on the sill for a subtle touch, or you can add ornamental planters or a series of low vertical planters below the window for a more dramatic way to bring your plants into focus. 

4. Make the Most of Mornings with a Breakfast Nook

Replacement Bay Window

Start your day right with a refreshing cup of coffee bathed in lovely natural light. Set up a cozy scene by placing a small table and chairs in your bay or bow window, creating an ideal spot for breakfast with loved ones or a peaceful solo morning escape. Opt for airy curtains to maintain privacy while still basking in the morning sun. If space is limited, consider utilizing this area as your primary dining spot. Arrange four to six chairs around a round or oval table to maximize the available space and enjoy meals in this charming setting.

5. Create a Conversation Corner with Seating

f you love to host gatherings for friends and family, fostering opportunities for conversation throughout your home is a must. Bay and bow windows are the perfect place for a set of cozy armchairs and a small end table tucked between them. Add a small plant and a set of decorative books or a candle and you’ve created an effortless, comfortable space for bringing people together.

6. Save Space with a Corner Home Office

navy blue office with wood-toned bay window

If you have a smaller home, you know exactly how important every square inch of space is. You’re likely using plenty of space-saving techniques to make the most of what you have, but that little bit of space a bay or bow window provides could be the perfect space to place your desk. You’ll have a small bump-out in which you can easily slot your desk, so you can enjoy those coastal Galveston views throughout your workday. 

7. Display Your Knick-Knacks in Sunlight

Whether you use that helpfully deep sill or set a console table in pride of place, bay windows are naturally an eye-catching part of your home. It’s the perfect place to show off souvenirs from your travels or treasured family heirlooms. Adding a set of fabric curtains sets these pieces off perfectly, especially if you leave them open most of the time. It’s basically a built-in display for your cherished objects! 

Exterior Enhancements

yellow house with bay window with metal awning roof

Your bay or bow window will increase your home’s curb appeal with its striking appearance. If you want to match the effort you’ve put into styling your bay or bow window inside, though, there’s still plenty you can do on the exterior! 

Renovations You’ll Love with Window World of Galveston

If your bay or bow window is older, you likely love the look but not the costly repairs or energy inefficiencies. Want an updated version of your home’s hallmark window? Window World of Galveston carries bay and bow windows in a variety of styles to suit your home and personal taste, ensuring a look you’ll love inside and out. Get in touch with us today for your free estimate