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Home Improvement

5 Ways to Help Your Galveston Home Reflect Your Personality

3 min read

When visiting someone else’s home, you may look around to find decor that tells you something about the person who lives there. A well-loved map with pushpins or a set of travel guides could tell you they’re a seasoned traveler, or a well-kept knife set on the kitchen counter with a box of recipes means they likely love to cook. Small clues like this tell guests who you are and add warmth and character to your home. If you’d like your Galveston home to feel more like your personal space but don’t know where to start, read on for five simple tips on curating a lived-in, personalized home. 

1. Incorporate Personal Art or Collectibles

One of the easiest ways to infuse your home with character is to fill it with things you love. Whether that’s through a gallery wall of paintings you’ve picked up from flea markets and antique shops, shelves holding your beloved book collection or seashells and sea glass gathered on the Galveston shores, this is the easiest way to express yourself in a physical way. Taking what you love and putting it on display, whether for guests or simply to make yourself happy, is an incredibly effective way to let your personality shine in your home. 

2. Take On Do It Yourself Projects

Do you love the bones of your furniture but feel some of your pieces are a little basic? Adding custom pizzazz with DIY projects is another way to help your home feel uniquely yours. A simple coat of paint can rejuvenate tired hand-me-downs, but adding new drawer pulls to nightstands or dressers elevates your fix-up into an entirely new piece. If your home has a distinct style like Craftsman or Victorian architecture, you could use that for inspiration. 

The same applies to your walls. Repaint or put up wallpaper if you’re no longer enjoying the color. Your home should be your oasis away from the rest of the world. If it’s not serving its purpose, change it to make it fit your needs. After all, you can always repaint should you change your mind! 

3. Personalize With Photos

Your memories with family, friends and pets are perfect decor pieces. Photos tell a story to visitors and give you a great way to remember good times, so frame them and put them out on display. You can even get photos printed at a larger size and display them as a standalone piece of art—this is an especially good idea if you have a good eye for photography and enjoy taking artistic shots. Even just shots of the nearby beach can be beautifully inspiring! You’re creating your own artwork, and often there’s a good story to share with guests.

4. Bring In Your Hobbies

Beyond collections, decorating to bring your hobbies close to home adds heart to your space. If you love music, hang up treasured albums (vinyl records have made a comeback in recent years) as artwork or frame tickets to meaningful concerts. For the green thumbs, you can even create a living plant wall to make a beautiful, impressive piece of living art. Furnishing your Galveston home with pieces that show who you are, as opposed to choosing impersonal decor, gives meaning and illustrates your personality clearly. 

5. Put the “Fun” in Functional Spaces

Spaces that are about function, like your home office or even the gym setup in your garage, are perfect places to pull out any zany decor pieces that may be a little much for the more guest-friendly areas of your home. If you love to keep up with new tech, turn your home office into a display space for mechanical keyboards and other tech equipment. These are the right spaces to hang up event posters and show off pieces like your prized replica lightsaber. 

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