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Vinyl Soffit & Fascia for your Galveston home

Want to update your home’s siding without all of the maintenance? Soffit and Fascia from Window World of Galveston will give you the durability you need and the style enhancement you want.

All about Soffit & Fascia

Home with vinyl siding and fascia

While you may not give much thought to Soffit and Fascia, these two products play a key role in preserving your home’s siding. If you look up at your roof overhang, you will see the exposed underside–this is your Soffit. Fascia creates a smooth appearance on a roof’s edge and protects the roofing and interior of a home from severe weather.

Benefits of Soffit

Keep your attic cool and dry

Your home needs ventilation in order to keep your attic cool and dry. Through hidden aeration, our Soffit provides continuous airflow, giving you the functionality you need.

Enjoy your Soffit for years to come

Depending on where you purchased you last Soffit panels, you may have needed to make continuous updates to prevent sagging or cupping. Our Soffit, however has an unbeatable lifespan and will increase your home’s performance and curb appeal. Rest easy knowing that our products are completely maintenance free.

Get the look you want without the maintenance

Coventry.tifThe look of wood is elegant and can add increased curb appeal to your home. It does, however, come with a lot of maintenance. Because our Soffit is vinyl, you can obtain the alluring appearance of wood, but reap the benefits of the weather-resistant material that can stand up against rain, humidity and other severe weather.

Enhance your home’s appearance

We know how important your home’s curb appeal is, and our Soffit only enhances it! Explore our wide array of colors that are sure to match your existing siding and experience the difference Soffit can make for years to come.

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